How To Fix YouTube Videos Keep Pausing on Android Easily

How To Fix YouTube Videos Keep Pausing / Stopping on Android

YouTube is one of the top sites in the world that people watch each day or even an hour. Based on Youtube Press Release, over 2 billion logged-in users visit YouTube each month. Despite the high views, many people face constant pausing on YouTube when they watch it from Android. The truth is why does YouTube videos keep pausing on Android and how to solve it?

These days, most people tend to watch YouTube on their phones rather than their PC. It is more flexible as they can watch videos anytime and anywhere, they are. However, one of the main problems people face is their YouTube videos keep pausing on Android. Is this an issue on their phone or is it an issue on the app? Let’s learn more about this problem from the cause of the solution.

Why YouTube Videos Keep Pausing / Stopping on Android

It is quite bothersome when you are watching a video and the videos keep on pausing. Normally, people will blame the connection as the main problem, however, there can be many reasons. So, before blaming something let’s check out the possibilities.

First, the main and often reason why YouTube keeps pausing is because of poor internet connection. Streaming a video, especially with a high resolution will need a strong connection. Therefore, if your connection is not strong enough, then it will make your YouTube keep pausing.

Secondly, make sure your YouTube app is updated. Normally, the YouTube app that is not updated will work slower. This also causes YouTube to crash that will pause the video from playing. Another reason that can cause YouTube to keep pausing on Android is the limited free space available. This doesn’t only affect YouTube but also on other apps too.

Another possibility that may cause this problem is from other apps. Sometimes third-party programs can interfere with YouTube’s operation, making it work slower and causing it to pause. However, if all these problems are not the cause, then YouTube itself may be the problem.

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Just like any other apps, YouTube can experience technical faults and bugs. This usually causes videos to stop playing and playback at certain moments. If this is the issue, then contact the YouTube Help Center Online to help the problem.

The last but often cause why YouTube videos keep pausing on Android is because the auto-pause is on. Many people may not be aware, but YouTube has a lot of features. One of them is auto-pause that will pause the video when you leave your phone.

How to Solve YouTube Keeps Pausing / Stopping on Android

So, before getting all mad because your YouTube videos keep pausing on Android, try to search for the root causes first. Once you find out, then solve the cause so it doesn’t occur again. Here is some solution that you can try if you happen to face this problem:

1. Use Strong Internet Connection

Strong Internet Connection

One of the easiest ways to solve YouTube videos keep pausing on Android is by using a strong internet connection. If you don’t want to get disturbed while watching YouTube, make sure your internet connection is stable. Or you can also choose a lower quality of video that matches your internet connection.

Another way to get a strong connection is to close unused apps. This will not only make your connection faster but also prevent other app from interfering with YouTube. Therefore, you can watch a video without any problems.

2. Update YouTube App

Update YouTube App

The next easy way to get rid of this problem is by updating your YouTube. YouTube always develops their app to become better and get rids of bugs. So, once they have an upgrade version, don’t forget to update it to the latest version. All you need to do is open the app from the App setting and click upgrade to the latest version of YouTube.

3. Clear Cache of YouTube

Clear Cache of YouTube

Sometimes people don’t realize that after using certain apps every day, the cache will pile up. This can cause YouTube to crash and pause continuously. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, clear the cache of YouTube on your phone. Normally, after this is done your YouTube should be working smoothly.

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You can clear the YouTube Cache by going to your setting and Apps & Notifications or Applications. Then choose the YouTube application. Open the storage and clear the cache that appears on the screen. After doing this step, try checking your YouTube to see if it works or not.

4. Get Some Free Storage

Get Some Free Storage

One of the reasons why YouTube keeps pausing is because of the limited free space available. If your memory happens to be full, then clear some up. Uninstall apps that take a lot of space or apps that you are not using anymore. This will not only boost YouTube’s performance but also your Androids phone.

5. Stop Auto Pause

Stop Auto Pause

Check out the setting on your YouTube to see if this is the cause of your problem. You can check and turn off the feature by clicking the auto-pause mode under the video you play. Usually, this only occurs when your video is playing but yes, it is disturbing.

6. Make Sure your Jack is On Tight

Make Sure your Jack is On Tight

A simple reason why videos keep on pausing is that your headset jack is not on correctly. Once, a jack is plugged off, the video will automatically pause. Therefore, when you are using a headset make sure the jack is plugged on tight. This is normally a cause that many people are not aware of.

7. Uninstall & Install Again

Uninstall Youtube

If you have tried all the solutions above and your YouTube keeps on pausing, then try to uninstall it. Then, download it again to see whether the problem occurs again or not. If it still occurs, then contact the Online customer service. They should be able to help with your problem especially if the cause is the YouTube app.

However, before contacting customer service, try other steps first. Try searching for the root cause first, then try the solutions one by one. Hopefully, with these steps, your YouTube problem can be solved. And there will be no more YouTube videos keep pausing on Android anymore.

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