How To Fix YouTube Thumbnails Not Showing

YouTube Thumbnails Not Showing

In 2019, YouTube has more than 2 billion users worldwide and is the second-largest social media user. In fact, YouTube accounts for 25% of global mobile traffic and 15% of broadband traffic while Facebook only manages 17%. However, sometimes YouTube thumbnails not showing. Making it difficult for users to find the video they want to watch.

This problem is so annoying especially if you need to find a specific video on YouTube. However, take it easy because you can solve these problems easily. There are several methods you can do to make YouTube thumbnails appear on your device. Before knowing how to fix it, find out why this problem can occur.

Why Does YouTube Thumbnails Not Showing?

Maybe when you see the YouTube thumbnails not showing, you just see a dull gray box. However, there are several factors why this could happen, such as bugs, cache and cookies, extensions, add-ons, and so on.

However, most of these factors are usually caused by the settings on your device and on YouTube itself. Some factors come from the software, browser, application version, and your internet connection. So, several methods can fix YouTube thumbnails not showing problems depending on the cause.

How to Fix YouTube Thumbnails Not Showing Problems?

Now you know why this problem can occur on your device. So, here comes the time for you to find out how to solve the problem. Below are 6 ways to fix the YouTube thumbnails not showing that you can try easily:

1. Install VPN

Install VPN

The problem with YouTube not being able to display thumbnails could be due to a DNS server error. Or, it could be that your country does not have access rights to the YouTube video. The solution is that you can install a premium or free VPN version. There are many VPNs available and you can download a VPN on the Google Play Store or you can download it for your Windows or Mac.

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But there is one downside to this method that you have to always activate the VPN if the YouTube thumbnail wants to appear. If you don’t activate VPN, the YouTube thumbnail will not appear or disappear again. So, this method is not a permanent way to fix YouTube thumbnails not showing issue.

2. Check Your Internet Speed

Check Your Internet Speed

YouTube thumbnail failed to appear because of your internet connection. So, you have to check your internet connection. You can connect your device to the router via an ethernet cable. Then, open an internet browser and type then Enter.

After the page appears, click Go and you can see how your internet connection is performing. If your internet connection is slow or unstable, you can replace it with a faster and more stable connection.

You can also try to check whether many devices are connected to the WIFI network. This is because the more devices that connect to a WIFI network, the streaming speed, and download or upload speed can become slower. So, you can remove multiple devices or connect your device to a faster network.

Another way you can try to fix the YouTube thumbnails not showing the problem is to temporarily stop downloading or uploading. This is because if you download or upload something at the same time as the streaming video there is a possibility that problems could occur. So, stop the download or upload and you can continue streaming YouTube or vice versa.

3. Clear YouTube App Watch History

Clear YouTube App Watch History

You need to clear the cache of your YouTube app to give your device plenty of space for optimal functioning. The method is very easy, you can open your YouTube application and open your account icon in the right corner of the screen. Then, select Settings and click History & Privacy. When the pop-up appears, click Delete Watch History. Furthermore, you can close your YouTube application and reopen it.

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4. Clear Your Internet Browser Cache

Clear Your Internet Browser Cache

The next way to fix the YouTube thumbnails not showing a problem is by clearing your internet browser cache. This is because YouTube thumbnails may not appear because of the cache and cookies in your browser so you have to clear them.

If you are using Chrome as your browser, you can click Settings on your device. Then, select More Tools, click Clear Browsing Data, and click Clear Data. So, the cache on your Chrome has been successfully deleted.

5. Force Stop Your YouTube App

If the previous method didn’t work, you can try this method to fix the problem. You can force stop the YouTube application from your device to solve this problem. Moreover, you can do this so that your YouTube application is refreshed.

Force Stop Your YouTube App

To stop the YouTube application on your device, you can open Settings. Then, look for the Application Manager and tap on it. Find YouTube on the list and tap it, then you select Force Stop. This method makes all running applications stop. Then, you can open YouTube again and see if the thumbnail appears or not.

6. Restart Your Device

Restart Your Phone

The last way you can do it easily is to restart your device. This is because you can solve some minor problems on the device this way. You can press and hold the power button, then restart your device. Then, re-open the YouTube application on your device and see if the thumbnail appears or not.

Now you know how to fix YouTube thumbnails not showing the problem. This problem is not dangerous for your device but can irritate you when you want to find a specific video on YouTube. Do the various methods carefully so as not to harm your device.

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