Spotify Shuffle Not Random? Reasons and How To Fix It

Spotify Shuffle Not Random

If you are a music lover or a fan of radio, you must know Spotify. It is one of the digital music streaming services which surprisingly grows time by time. Since its first launch internationally in 2009 in the United Kingdom, today it has 286 million active users based on its Q1 2020 report. However, even though Spotify is loved by many people, it doesn’t cause any problems. Spotify shuffle not random is an error that often happens.

Indeed, Spotify is free of charge. But there is no chain between your Spotify shuffle not random with free use. Even though the free version has limited song skips and the ad breaks frequently appear, the premium subscriber might face this similar problem.

Therefore, we think it is good to discuss the shuffle mode in Spotify and how to handle it when it gets an error in this article. Other than that, Spotify is a great thing to get instant access to a variety of music, radio stations, and even podcasts.

What’s Shuffle Mode?

People with Spotify can find music and podcasts based on their reference. Their homepage is an entrance door to discover popular playlists, trending hits, podcasts to try, and even a suggested mood playlist. When you open a playlist, you can use the Spotify shuffle play feature just in case you have no time to choose one by one.

What’s Shuffle Mode?


Just like the name, the shuffle mode means a feature to playthings inside randomly for you. In further discussion, this random technique is based on an algorithm system. Spotify will lead you to find something as you expected to see from your pattern. But that is not the point that we are discussing in this article. All we want to share is about the problem when your Spotify shuffle not random and how to fix it.

Spotify provides the shuffle mode not only to give easier access for its users. It also gives you a lovely experience when using Spotify. Some users feel surprised when they finally find or hear something new that relates to their mood or value. Or, when an old song appears to your ears, it is lovely and seems so natural.

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Why is My Spotify Not Shuffling?

As we mentioned above, Spotify shuffle mode helps you to mix and switch up your playlist. You should know that this mode is optional. So, if you want to enjoy it, you have to tap a big button in the pop-up window. Once the icon turns into green, that’s when Spotify works for you. But unluckily this button doesn’t work properly.

You can detect this as a problem when the same music is played twice in a row. Usually, the main cause is a bug that disturbs the system. When the system fails, absolutely the Spotify shuffle is not random as you wish. We know that it is annoying to listen to the same song twice or three times over and over again.

Another possibility is that Spotify already updated its algorithm. So, the previous shuffle is not working anymore. All you need to do is check the version you have. If you still use the older one, not the latest version, we think you know what you have to do. Those are two reasons why the Spotify shuffle not random. For more solutions, keep reading and find the answers below.

How to Fix Spotify Shuffle Not Random

When the shuffle mode is not working, people will change their music manually. Of course, it will bother your work or activity because you have to stop for a while and choose the new track. Following is some tips if you are facing this situation:

1. Log Out and Restart the App

Restart the App

The first thing when you feel something wrong is logging out from the app. Go to the setting at the top right corner and choose to log out. After that, you have to restart the app. Remember, you just need to restart the app, not your device. The way to restart is by closing the app and clearing it from the running background. Then, open the Spotify app and log in. Make sure you turn on the shuffle mode and try to shuffle the playlist.

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2. Update the App to the Latest Version

Update Spotify Google Play

As we mentioned above, one possible problem is the changed algorithm. So, solving this error is very simple. You just need to update the app to the latest version. If you are using iOS, you can visit the App Store and find the updates on the right side.

See if your Spotify has an update or not. While for the Android user, you can go to Google Play Store and head to the “Menu” on the left side. Select “My Apps & Games” and find the Spotify app to get the newest version.

3. Sort the Tracks by the Title

Sort the Tracks by the Title

This trick is popular among Spotify users. They are fixing the sorting the tracks by the title. Select the playlist you want to listen to, then swipe down the screen. Find the “Filter” bar with a three lines icon beside it. Tap that icon and choose the “Sort by” menu, then choose for “Title”. Go back to the previous display and tap on the “Shuffle Play” icon. Done, Spotify will play your playlist randomly again.

4. Use Spotify Shuffler

When the Spotify shuffle not random, you can use the additional app called “Spotify Shuffler”. It is free and save both for the mobile or desktop. Honestly, when you are using this app, you will feel more random than Spotify did before. How to reach this app is so simple.

Go to and login with your Spotify account. After signing in, you can choose the playlist you want to play. Before that, make sure that the shuffle mode is enabled on the app. Now, the Spotify Shuffler is working to randomize your playlist.

All the solutions above can be applied to the iOS or Android device. Now, you have no reason to get mad when the Spotify shuffle not random again. Just try one by one our tips, then you will find what’s the root of the problem. For more insight about Spotify, you can visit the Spotify Community and find the other discussion regarding another problem that might occur.

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