Instagram User Not Found? Here Are 7 Reasons

Instagram User Not Found

For most people, social media now becomes a must thing to have. Through this media, people can meet each other and explore new things without having to go outside. Instagram is one of the platforms that are very popular around the world. Until 2020, Instagram has over 1 billion active users every month. The detail is 52% female and 45% male. However, some users face problem that Instagram user not found when they click on someone’s Instagram profile.

These Might Cause You Can’t Reach an Account

Yes, the “Instagram User Not Found” information possibly happens even though this social media has billions of unique users. Before we go further discussing why you can’t find one account, you should know that this problem is the most frequently reported to Instagram. The result confuses the users because there are many cases why it appears.

1. Mistyping Username

Are you sure already typing the username correctly? This happens a lot, so the error occurs. Recheck the spelling when you want to tag someone or search one account. Sometimes when you are wrong for a capital, a number, even a format or certain punctuation, the result can show “user not found”. To minimize this problem, you can find the account that also connects or interacts with it. Then, find the tags of the username you are looking for and click it.

2. The Username is Changed

You might be confused when trying to reach your friend, but you see an error. Ask your friend whether he or she changes the username or not. Some Instagram users quite often change their usernames due to privacy purposes. Unluckily, if you don’t know the update and have no idea the new name, you cannot tag or mention that username.

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3. Instagram Account Disabled

Instagram Account Disabled

Instagram users are unique. Besides changing their account name occasionally, some of them disable their account too temporarily. There are many reasons why people do this. So, their friends cannot see the profile or even tag. Ask the person, do they disable their account or not. When the user disables their account for a while, he or she still can activate their account again.

4. Deleted Account

When the account is temporarily deactivated, you might see them again on Instagram Story or any activities. But, if Instagram deletes this account, surely, you cannot find it again. One thing you have to know that this case is different from a disabled account. Once the user deletes their account, they cannot activate it again. Instagram will remove it permanently.

5. The User Blocks You

Actually, this is the most likely reason why the Instagram user not found. When someone blocks the other user, it will make that user unable to keep in touch again. Usually, this happens when someone avoids negativity from the other users, such as bullying, toxic updates, or anything. In this case, both of them cannot see each other, give comment, or do any interactions, unless the user finally ends this blocking.

6. Banned by Instagram

Instagram has a right to ban an account. It is due to many reasons, for example, many users report this account. So, Instagram will think that that account should be limited to access. As a result, people cannot reach the profile until Instagram removes the limit or disables. For the worst case is Instagram has a right to delete an account too. If it happens, you should just forget to reach that account again.

7. You Better Update the App

Update Instagram App

Perhaps you forget to update your Instagram app. It’s okay, then all you need to do is update to the new version. For some people, updating their Instagram can solve the problem when the Instagram user not found. However, if it is not the answer, so, one of the reasons above might be the one.

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What Makes Instagram Account Banned?

Instagram Account Banned

One of the reasons why the Instagram user not found is because the account gets banned by Instagram itself. This issue is also important to know because Instagram doesn’t want the user when their account is blocked. Here are the main situations that Instagram blocks its user:

1. Mass Complaint

Be wise using your Instagram account because when it appears discomfort or danger, you will be reported. Instagram provides its user a “Report” feature to complain about inappropriate content or activity. The other reasons could be mass liking, mass following, spamming, insulting or cyberbullying, and etc.

2. Copyright Issue

Copyright Issue

There is no excuse when you are breaking a copyright issue. For example, when you are posting an image that was taken from the other user without any permission before or tag the author as a credit, Instagram will remove that update for sure. If you keep ignoring the rules, the author might report you and automatically Instagram blocks you too.

3. Spamming

Spamming could be anything, whether you keep posting frequently and get nothing for it. Or, it also could be mass following and mass liking with a significant amount in one time. You need to know that Instagram runs its algorithm for each account. If the growth is very significant, Instagram considers you are spamming or doing other manipulations.

If you are facing the Instagram user not found an issue, you should see the points above as reference. Probably, one of the causes is your answer, then you can fix it. Other than that, you must use your account wisely. Don’t make Instagram blocks your interaction with your friends.

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