How to Leave WhatsApp Group Without Notification

How to Leave WhatsApp Group Without Notification

WhatsApp is one of the most useful applications, especially during this pandemic. This is because we should maintain contact with someone else outside there and stay at home as much as possible. One of the most usual questions for the users is how to leave WhatsApp group without notification.

Once you want to leave a WhatsApp group, you only need to push the exit button on the room chat freely. But sometimes, leaving a WhatsApp group was not that easy because some people will judge you as rude. That’s why the way how to leave WhatsApp group without notification sometimes is important.

About WhatsApp

WhatsApp 1

This day, Whatsapp has been one of the most important applications on each smartphone. You can easily find this application on each smartphone near you. This is because there are a lot of people who use this application to communicate with each other freely.

Do you know that there are more than 2 billion active users on WhatsApp? All the users are coming from more than 180 countries around the world. WhatsApp is sitting down on the third most popular social networking after Facebook and YouTube. Moreover, this application has successfully attracted those people within 11 years since it was made.

Whatsapp serves a lot of features such as video call, messenger, voice call, group calling, and also WhatsApp story. Success covers almost all the things that we need only in one awesome application. The newest feature here is WhatsApp business to help all companies to keep in touch with their customers easily.

WhatsApp Group

In WhatsApp, we can make a group with other users and then communicate there. You can send videos, photos, and also other files there while you aren’t with them. It is very useful until some people invite you to unattractive or unimportant groups that only make you feel uncomfortable.

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WhatsApp Group

A WhatsApp interface will only display a few room chats on your phone, it is only three pinned chats and then a few newest rooms. As a result, the unimportant group chat sometimes will be piled up as an important one. This is another reason why some people hate having a lot of groups on their WhatsApp.

It will feel very annoying when you continuously receive a lot of weird notifications. You can easily go out of course but you might feel guilty because they can see the notifications. You don’t need to be worried this time because there is a way to leave WhatsApp group without notifications.

How to Leave WhatsApp Group Without Notification?

Almost all WhatsApp users always have at least one group that they want to leave but they don’t. It is because some of us don’t want others to know about our intentions to leave them. If this also happens to you, then you can follow these steps:

1. Enter the Group

three dots on the corner menu on whatsapp

The first thing you should do to leave a group chat is entering the room chat of that group. You can find the three dots on the corner of your phone and then just click on that. As a result, WhatsApp will give you some options that you might need.

2. Choose Group Info

Group Info Whatsapp

mute conversation on whatsapp

From all of the options, just choose the “Group Info” option, it appears in the top options. After that, you need to mute conversation and choose always.

3. Final Steps

archiving whatsapp group

The last thing you should do after disabling all notifications is to archive the group so it will not appear on your interface. You can do it with a long press click on Whatsapp Group you want to archive, and click the Archive icon. You might “not really” leave the group but it still feels like you leave them because it disappears. If someday you want to see how the group is going, you can scroll down and see the archive chat there.

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Second Way to Leave

This is about another way to leave a WhatsApp group without anyone knowing you can try. You might feel that the group has disturbed you with a lot of unused images, text, videos, or also voice messages. It can make your memory full and then affects the performance or speed of your phone. Let’s see how it is:

1. Open WhatsApp

This way is available for iPhone and Android users. The first thing you should do is open WhatsApp on your device, go to the room chat, and then find the unimportant group.

2. More Option

More Options on Whatsapp

After you find the unimportant group, click on the three-dot icon on the right top corner. You will get some options there, but you should choose the “More” option.

3. Choose Clear Chat Option

Choose Clear Chat Option

Once you select the More option, there will appear some options you can choose. Select the Clear Chat option so all the history chat, videos, photos, and everything will be removed.

4. Turn off the Group Notification

Go to the tab Settings and then turn off the notification of the group chat. Same with the previous way, you can archive the room chat of that unused group so it will disappear.

Other Tricks

This is the last way on how to leave WhatsApp group without notification that we can give to you. It is not removing the group chat but will prevent you from being added to the weird WhatsApp group.

Other Tricks to leave whatsapp group

You can go to Settings> Account> Privacy> Groups and there will be available some options there. There are three options: All, My Contacts, or My Contact except … so you can choose some people who can add you to a new group.

So there is some answer about how to leave WhatsApp group without notification that we can give. We wish this article can help you with the weird things over your unimportant groups.

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