How to Fix Google Play Service Keeps Stopping

Google Play Service Keeps Stopping

There are a bunch of pre-installed applications in Android. Some of them aren’t that important, but some of them will greatly influence the performance of Android, for example, Google Play Service. But, what do you have to do if Google Play Service keeps stopping?

If you’re talking about Android, then the first thing that comes to mind is the most mobile operating system that smartphones use a lot. This is not just opinion, but the fact, after all, 74,6% of people use Android for their smartphone.

Since Android is a Google product, it’s no wonder to see many apps from Google in it. One of them is Google Play Service. This app can be called the most essential app in Android as it manages the other apps. However, sometimes this app runs into a problem and thus keeps stopping. So, here some ways to fix this problem:

The Cause of Google Play Service Keeps Stopping

Though it rarely happens, Google Play Service can perform not well even getting an error sometimes. There are some kinds of errors that this app can run into, but the most common one is Google Play Service keeps stopping.

If this app keeps stopping, you may be unable to download a new app or open the app store. After all, Google Play Service is one of the most important apps that help to control the other apps. But, before you try to fix this problem, you should try to pinpoint the cause of the problem.

When Google Play Service stops working, you don’t need to be panicked since this is a common error in this app. There are some possible causes for this problem. By knowing the causes, you can take the right solution to solve the error.

Usually, this app keeps stopping if you do not update your Play Store for a long time. When the Android that you use isn’t compatible with the Play Store app. It can also lead to this problem. Sometimes, the cause of this error is the poor signal of the phone.

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How To Fix Google Play Service Keeps Stopping

Now, you have known the reasons why Google Play Service keeps stopping. So, the next step is to fix the problem. Let’s start with the simplest and easiest method!

1. Restart Your Phone

Restart Your Phone

If you run into this kind of error, restarting your smartphone is the first thing you should do regardless of the cause. Usually, when you restart your Android, the problem with your app is also solved. So, here are the steps to restarting your Android:

  • Hold and press the power button for a while. Do it till the power off menu shows up.
  • Choose the icon of the power off menu.
  • After your phone has already shut down, turn it on again by holding the power button.
  • Open your Play Store to see whether the problem is fixed.

2. Update Your Play Store App

Usually, the Playstore app will update its last version automatically, but sometimes because for some reason, it doesn’t update anymore. This can lead to the Google Play Service has stopped error, thus making you unable to install a new app.

If the cause of the error is an outdated version of the app, then to fix it you just need to update the app. These are the steps to update Google Play Store:

  • The first thing you should do is to go and open Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Look at the menu that is symbolized by a three-horizontal line on the top left of the phone screen. Then, tap on the menu button.
  • You will see several options when tapping on the menu. Then choose the “My apps and games” option located at the top of the options.
Google Service Framework

Google Service Framework

  • When you open this option, there will be a list of pending updates. If your Play Store app is outdated, you will find it on the list. Download the latest Google Service Framework to update your app.

tap the Play Store version

  • To see whether the app that you used is the latest version, tap the menu button again and go to the setting option. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap the Play Store version.
  • Finally, restart your device and then launch the app once again to see if the error still occurs.
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3. Switch From Data to Wi-Fi and Vice-Versa

Switch From Data to Wi-Fi

When you get Google Play Service to stop working, there is a possibility that the cause is due to the poor connection. If that is the case, what you should do is very easy. Just change how you connect your Android to the internet.

If you connect your Android using Wi-Fi, then turn off your Wi-Fi connection and switch it to the other connection, for example, cellular data. On the other hand, if the poor connection is caused by cellular data, then switch it to a Wi-Fi connection.

4. Clear The Cache and Data

When facing Google Play keeps stopping errors, clearing the data and cache can be the correct solution. By clearing the data and also cache, your app will return to the default state, so there is a high possibility that it will fix the error.

To clear the data and cache, you can follow these steps:

  • Go and tap the setting menu on your Android. Usually, this menu is represented by a gear icon.
  • Scroll down and find the app menu. then tap it. In some devices, this menu appears as the managed app or you need to choose the manage app option after tapping on the app menu.
  • You will see the entire of the apps that you install on your device. Find the Google Play Service app, then tap it.

Clear The Cache dan Data

  • To clear the data or app, you can tap clear cache to clear just the cache or clear data to clear every data including the cache.
  • Restart your device to confirm that the problem is no longer there.

The Google Play Service keeps stopping errors usually can be fixed with these methods. However, if you still have the problem even when you have tried all of these methods, the more difficult methods may help you. At worst, you need to root your device to solve the problem. Let’s hope you just need one of these methods to fix this error!

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