Funny Steam Names You Will Not Believe That They are Exist

Funny Steam Names

In the world of PC gaming, Steam is something popular among gamers. Since Valve launched it in 2003, it is now having more than 150 million users and has become so important for PC gamers. Besides, it is also interesting that Steam users choose funny Steam names in their accounts. Let’s take a look at how funny it is.

Funny Steam Name, How To Make It?

According to a players’ satisfaction survey of several games on Steam, it is shown that most of them are satisfied. For example, over 100,000 players are simultaneously playing Doom Eternal on Steam. Positively, 85% of them are satisfied. It is shown that Steam is such a popular online platform for gaming.

To become a Steam family, users must create an account that contains the username and steam name. But, the Steam name and username are two different things. Username is something you can easily modify on your profile page. But, Steam Name or Steam ID is forever. You can change it but it takes a process because you have to contact support staff to help you do it.

In Need of Funny Steam Names Inspiration? Here They Are:

Funny Steam Names Inspiration

So, since Steam’s name is forever, some of the users seem already put some Steam funny names and are reluctant to change it. Actually, there is no such formula or rules in making funny steam names. Just use your creativity and create names that represent yourself. Let’s take a look at their funny Steam names:

1. Jesus Burger

It is sarcastic, isn’t it? But kind of funny though for those who like to make jokes about religion of course. Apparently, not only this Jesus Burger who put God’s name on their steam name. Another user does it as well. Probably God’s name will give them fortune or luck so that they can win all the time.

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2. Lemonfridge

Another funny Steam name is Lemonfridge. This one must be lemon besties, yellow lover, or it’s just someone cute with a cute name. Since Steam names cannot really describe your gender, it may describe your personality. Additionally, the name you choose on Steam helps you play a role easily in the game you play.

3. Ask_yo_girl_about_me

What about you anyway so that I have to ask my girl? This one is hilarious yet provocative too. But, this name is also insulting. Maybe, the owners of this name just want to make fun of his opponent when he wins. For your information, Steam allows users to use a name containing rebellion or mockery. It often appears on the forum as well.

4. Slime Liker

This slime_liker is surely someone who loves something sticky and slimy. Or maybe it is just his way to tell his opponent that he is hard to be moved or beat. And just like a slime, he is frisky and hard to catch. Anytime you meet him as your opponent, remember that he moves quickly and doesn’t get caught.

5. I Take Chances To Be Better

What a quote! It is uplifting, isn’t it? Obviously, Steam also allows users to use a sentence to be their Steam name. This one is categorized as funny because the sentence is not a common user name.

Only funny people who choose sentences as a name. But, you have to remember that a long Steam name is hard to remember. Otherwise, you will be possibly detected as a strange user.

Funny Steam Names Inspiration

6. Imzda_Noob!!1

Alright, this is hard. Hard to spell hard to remember. So, can we just call you Bob? Since Steam allows you to choose any kind of combination on your name whether it is symbol, character, number, and letter, users seem so liberated in choosing their Steam name.

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This one is an example of how liberating they are. They seem to don’t care that they become a talk in the steam forum. What a funny name.

7. Kok_Soaker

Kok_soaker is just another funny name on Steam. Clearly that this one is using a slang word. Maybe he wants to be known as a coke soaker, someone who likes to soak his opponent with coke. Or someone who likes to soak himself in coke when he wins. Instead of using the word coke, he chooses Kok to make it cool. Well, just a wild guess.

8. Big_Baby_Yoda

Now we know that Yoda is a big baby. As mentioned above, your Steam name slightly represents your personality. Obviously, this one is a Star Trek fan or someone who idolizes Yoda. Apparently, he believes that Big_Baby_Yoda is a unique and intimidating name for his opponent.

9. Captain_No_Malarkey

True! To be a captain you cannot say any malarkey. This one is one true captain that his opponent should be afraid of. Even though it’s funny but actually it is a respectable name. On Steam, users often play roles in a game, and the names somehow affect role choosing.

After knowing that you can create any kind of name in Steam, even funny names as mentioned above, it’s your turn to create yours. Don’t be afraid of sounds silly or strange because you are not alone. Many gamers use funny Steam names just to be outstanding.

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