10 Best Voice Recorder Apps for Android and iOS

Best Voice Recorder Apps

Nowadays, many people outside there need a good voice recorder to record the sound while singing or talk. As a student, we often need to record the lecturer’s speech rather than writing notes. We bring smartphones to almost everywhere and it can be used to record. That’s why it is important for us to choose the best voice recorder app on our phone. 

We all agree that the computer-based voice recorder is very awesome and it gives a better result. But in fact, it is very limiting. We can’t bring our computer while we need to record outdoors, especially while hiking. Not only for hikers but the best voice recorder app is also important for journalists or podcasters. So here is our recommendation for you. Check this out!

Why Use a Recording App?

Even though there are a variety of apps to record your voice that has auto-tuning, you still need the casual one. But still, the easiest and simplest application that you can use is a recording app. You can take a look at the result and then evaluate your fault. Also, this application can help you to record the conversation in a simple way.

10 Best Voice Recorder Apps

Voice recording is only one of the many features that Android or iPhone has. It will not give you good quality as while you are recording in the studio, but at least it still sounds good.  There are a lot of recording apps on a smartphone. You might be confused while choosing the right one. This guide will give you some of the perfect and best voice recorder apps that will give a good quality result. Here we go!

1. Rev Voice Recorder

Rev Voice Recorder

Download for Android   Download for iOS

This best voice recorder app has a very simple interface but has many good features. Rev’s recorder is the kind of recorder app that has full-featured audio recording, dictation, and transcription. You can sync your recorder files with cloud services. Your files will not disappear while something happens with your phone.

You can continue recording even when your phone is in sleep mode. Moreover, the application also offers the ability to transcribe audio. Rev will give a crystal clear audio and automatically remove the noise. You also will be able to share the audio via e-mail or other social media easily with Rev.

Rev is only available both in Android or iOS. The best thing about this app is you can use it and enjoy those features for free. If you want to use the transcription, you need to pay for $1.25/audio minute.

2. ASR Voice Recorder

ASR Voice Recorder

Download for Android

Another competent voice recorder app that might be fit in you is this ASR voice recorder. You can record your voice in a variety of formats like MP3, WAV, OGG, M4A, FLAC, and so on. Moreover, this app also has a cloud integration so you can easily upload your record to Google Drive, Dropbox, and others.

You can download ASR Voice Recorder for free on Android only. There are an available bunch of features that can make your recording experience feel more interesting than before. You will get the playback speed controls, a gain switch, and also automatically skip in case you have some silent parts.

The user interface of this application is pretty simple so it will be so easy to understand. ASR offers you a switch feature to help you improve the recording results. Moreover, this application also supports the Bluetooth device which is very limited for a free application.

3. Voice Recorder – Audio Record

Voice Recorder - Audio RecordDownload for iOS

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If you love singing and want to record your voice while you do it, this application might be the best for you. The Voice Recorder is a simple and straightforward app that you can use easily without many confusing things. This application comes with automatic noise reduction technology that can improve the quality of your records.

You will be able to edit your recording in this application and then save it for later. Moreover, you can also choose multiple playback options and then customize your recording as you want.

Uploading to any social media using this application can be so fun because it is simple and fast. Above all, the simplicity of this application really works great and good for your work. However, Voice Recorder only available on iOS.

4. MultiTrack DAW

MultiTrack DAW

Download for iOS

This application has many great features that make it one of the best voice recorder apps. MultiTrack DAW not only gives you a voice recording but also with multi-tracking features. However, if you are familiar with the software recording on PC, it will be a little bit the same as that.

You can customize your recording with any other recording files that are available on your phone. It means you can input two or more recording files and merge them into one file. This feature can help you while you want to give a back song on your recording.

MultiTrack DAW looks more complicated than any other recording application so you might be confused at the start. But we can say that it is very useful for you once you understand how this application works. Because this application is available only on iOS, you can easily share with iTunes File Sharing or Soundcloud. Want to know more about its features? Check it out by yourself!

5. Smart Recorder

Smart Recorder

Download for Android

This is another high-quality voice recorder that is designed to record tracks at any length. With this application, you can sing and then get a clear result whenever you want to record. There is a skipping silence feature so you can make your recording shorter than actually. It is an important feature due to the people’s habit that leaves some dead air at the end and the beginning.

One of the best things about this application is you can record a phone call! It is important whenever you want to record some important calls from others. Make sure you understand the reason why you record it and know that it’s safe to do.

Smart Recorder has a very simple interface and we think that you will not be confused while using it. However, this application has been downloaded for 40 million installs on Google Play and gets 4.5 rates!

6. Cogi – Notes & Voice Recorder

Cogi - Notes & Voice Recorder

Download for Android   Download for iOS

The Cogi is one of the best voice recorder apps available on Android. The developer creates this application to make you easier while you want to record audio. You can start recording sound wherever you are and whenever you want. Besides, there is also available Cogi Cloud to backup your sound files after you record it.

You can start recording as long as you want because this application gives no limited time. The subject will automatically be saved on your storage with a high-quality sound. No need to worry your voice will break or be full of noise whenever you use this application.

Another awesome feature of this application is you can link photos on your voice memos. Also, you can add writing like hashtags and contacts on it. The Cogi with all these cool features can be downloaded both in Android and iOS.

7. RecForge II

RecForge II

Download for Android

If you want to do more just a recording, this application comes with more features for you. You can dig your skill of editing using this RecForge II and across your limit. Even though it has a lot of features, this application still gives you high-quality recording results.

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You will be able to copy, trim, or move some part of your recording with this application. Moreover, there are also other features like a convert, cut, or delete your files on the fly. You can adjust your tempo, pitch, and playback rate on this application if you need it.

You can plug other supported mic-like RODE lapel or iRig mic and then combine it with this application. RecForge was built with many other features and it is worth trying for yourself. However, you can download this application on Google Play store for free.

8. iTalk


Download for iOS

If you are an iPhone user, then this application might be the best voice recorder apps you will ever find. iTalk has an easy user interface and it makes this application simple to use. You can share the recording result to SoundCloud if you want it using this app. However, This app will not allow you to send files via email.

There are available two versions of this app, free and premium ones. The basic version will give you only a record and listen to the result. You can spend some money to unlock many useful features there. For example, you will be able to use reverse and fast forward features.

You choose three different audio quality: good, better, and best sound. Better the quality you choose, it will also consume your available memory. However, you can add some notes to your recording which can help you while saving many files. One thing you should put attention to is you can’t delete your recording via iTalk Sync.

9. Recorder Plus

Recorder Plus

Download for iOS

You can customize your iPhone to be a great voice recorder and editor using this application. The user interface of Recorder Plus was very neat and simple. It looks very awesome with fewer buttons. Recorder Plus shows the perfect appearance of efficiency.

It is very simple to use. You only need to touch the red button on the bottom of the screen to start recording. However, this application will let you record for any length as you want. This application might not have many features but you can use it to get high-quality audio.

Not only save the recording result in MP3, but this application also supports other formats like MP4 and WAV. We have nothing more to say about this application. It will be the best voice recorder app for you who doesn’t need the editing features.

10. Music Maker Jam

Music Maker JAM

Download for Android   Download for iOS

If you are a musician, then this is the perfect application for you. Music Maker Jam is a good app for recording music, lyrics, or something else you like. You can record multiple tracks using this application and use tuning for production. Moreover, there are other features you can use like remixing and reversing the audio.

You can use some features for free but they are also available in-app purchases. You should spend some money to enjoy loops and much other useful content. Music Maker has integration with some social media like Facebook, SoundCloud, and others.

Music Maker Jam may be a little bit too much if you only use it to record a meeting. Before you decide to purchase some features, make sure you try other free features first. You can download this application for free both in Google Play or iOS Store.

So these are our recommendations about the best voice recorder apps on Android and iPhone for you. Make sure you read the availability first. Some of them were available on Android or iOS only. Hope this article will help you to choose the perfect app to record anything you do!


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