9 Best Microphone Apps for Android and iOS

Best Microphone Apps

A microphone is one of the essential things you should have. It is a basic communication tool, moreover, if you are an online gamer or often having an online meeting. It helps you to keep a good quality connection without any interference. Actually, every smartphone is already completed with a built-in microphone, but if you install these 9 best microphone apps, then your voice will be enhanced.

Thanks to some developers who made many best microphone apps, both in the App Store and Google Play Store. So, you can directly download it without having to buy new equipment. Several of the apps cost you a little, but we think that is worth it. Seeing that this app really helps your life for speech, presentation, until recording. Also, the app is very simple to use.

Best Microphone Apps for Your Phone

There is a wide range of this app you can find in the App Store and Google Play Store. You must be confused to choose the best one. Here, we have picked the 9 best microphone apps for you, so no need to spend more time in searching and looking for the reviews. Keep scrolling the list below until finished, hopefully, it helps you to decide one and suits your preferences.

1. EZ Mic

EZ Mic

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If you are asking for the best microphone app for iPhone and Android, probably the best answer you will get is the EZ Mic. This app is really well-known among online gamers because it has sound effects that allow its users to change their voice. That is so much fun, moreover when you have a plan to prank your friends or family.

EZ Mic is a great external microphone that works well with iOS and Android. Use the Wi-Fi or any internet connection, turn on the EZ Mic, and then talk. There is no easier way to amplify your voice than using EZ Mic. If you want to play any voices from your library, just import the file and play it through the other PC microphone. This app is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.


  • Free
  • Has different voice effects
  • Can import the vocals
  • Popular among gamers


  • Often disconnected for the free version
  • User must check the OS version to ensure its compatibility
  • 4 minutes of restriction

2. WO Mic

WO Mic

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Don’t waste your time searching for the best microphone app for smartphones. Just download the WO Mic by Wolicheng Tech, then you are able to do any purpose. This app allows you to start a voice chat with free audio 48000 sampling rate, in which each sample comes at 16 bits. Ensure that you have a stable internet connection so you can run the app smoothly.

Talking with WO Mic is like in a real-life situation. It is a very minimal delay that if you compare to the other app, of course, WO Mic is the best answer. All settings inside this app are in your arm. As a user, you are free to control as you want. The volume, the usage, until the connection is your choice. Don’t forget to install this app both in your smartphone and PC if you want to transmit a voice between them.


  • Can be used for calls, voice chat, and computer’s voice control
  • Minimal delay
  • Range of connections: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB
  • Simple interface


  • Drain the battery
  • Users have to manually close to stopping the app
  • After reaching limited time will close automatically

3. Pro Microphone

Pro Microphone

Download for Android   Download for iOS

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It is your time to unleash your hidden talent in singing. Pro Microphone is a great app to talk, sing, and record. By using its additional feature, you can also be a voice editor. There are lots of sound effects which suit the beginner and pro singers. So, get the advantage of its combination singing and recording tool.

Don’t get confused if you find this app in some varieties. The developer just tries to touch the fans through a different appeal and personality as well. But no worry about the performance, you will get the same quality. Once you turn on the mic, you can choose one of the types with its voice effects. At the same time, the app is working to record your voice too.


  • Offers an array of sound effects
  • Very easy to use
  • Excellent for singers
  • Has various types of mic: studio mic, condenser mic, and a dynamic mic


  • The volume problem often occurs
  • No option to share and export files

4. EZ Voice

EZ Voice

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The other best microphone app for iOS and Android is EZ Voice. This app is quite popular among smartphone users. Because it is an amazing app to result in a clear recording result so your vocal will be heard very clean and crispy. Within its pro effects, the unnecessary noise is removed. Or, if you might also replace the original voice you’ve recorded with another song and don’t worry to lose the best quality.

After opening the app, click the record button. In the FX sound, you can select one of the options there, such as Morph, Tune, EQ, Filter, Choir, and many others. While for the meeting or presentation, you can playback the recording or just share it with your friends, so they can help to evaluate your performance. Using the EZ Voice app saves your time and makes things more effective.


  • Has various audio effects with a high-quality sound
  • Easy for recording and allow the user to share via email or SoundCloud
  • Help to remove noise when recording
  • Has many great features for singing


  • The file cannot be shared through social media
  • No MP3 format available

5. 3M Mobile Microphone

3M Mobile Microphone

Download for Android   Download for iOS

This app is very useful for clinicians. They are able to dictate using this app without needing to attach extra equipment to the PC. After you install this app, you are automatically paired with a M*Modal Mobile Fluency Direct User ID which allows you to run the app without a need for docking, Bluetooth, or any physical connection. More than that, M*Modal Solutions support this app with other technologies, so the user feels easy and effective for optimal accuracy.

If you have more than one device, probably a smartphone and a tablet, you are able to link those devices via FD Mobile Mic App. Don’t get confused when operating this app because once you see the mic icon get green, you can directly speak. Watch the outer circle to control how loud you are speaking, it is a volume indicator.


  • Easily connect an AUX cable to a speaker
  • Supported by Speech Understanding technology by 3M Solutions
  • A helpful medical dictation app
  • Real-time documentation


  • Sometimes voice recognition problem occurs
  • Less user friendly

6. Megaphone


Download for iOS

This best microphone app turns your phone into a mic, so you can freely speak as you want. It is very easy to download and install. You won’t need any manual or something to operate. But if you need an instruction manual, the developer is already prepared to make your experience much more comfortable.

There are various forms available, starting from the basic that is for free until the advanced one. But if you want to enjoy more convenience, you have to choose the pay version. After that, start the party or make an announcement, people will notice your existence at that time.

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  • A simple setting for configuration
  • Perfect for using at the party
  • Compatible with Apple TV and Airplay


  • For advance convenience, the user has to subscribe
  • Some phone types are not compatible with the app

7. My Microphone: Voice Amplifier

My Microphone: Voice Amplifier

Download for Android   Download for iOS

Let’s change your phone into a real microphone. This app is helpful when you need a live microphone at a time. You just need to plug it into a stereo system or connect using Bluetooth. Once it is connected properly, you can start talking, doing a public speech, karaoke, or anything you want with a microphone. It is very easy to use by tapping one single button and able to an automatic recording for your performance.

As one of the best microphone apps recommended, this app has various sound effects. There are eight effects that surprisingly can make your voice result more interesting. For a premium version, the user has a one-month length subscription. It will be automatically renewed when the period ends. So, don’t be worried about losing an amazing tool on your smartphone.


  • Suits for multiple purposes: announcement, voice record, booster, and equalizer
  • Easy to use through single button control
  • Has various sound effects to tweak voice result
  • The karaoke section has many popular English songs


  • Not a free app

8. Crowd MicsCrowd Mics PS

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If you are looking for the best microphone app, then you should try Crowd Mics. This app is a multifunction and really helpful for your presentation. It is a perfect tool when you are having a lecture, panel discussion, or any similar event with more than 1,000 attendees. Seriously, this app is really a must-have app you should have on your phone.

The app allows you to do three things at the same time, which are using a wireless microphone through the phone, texting a comment or a question, and taking a part in a poll. For the updated version, Crowd Mics enables the attendees to join the event remotely. It increases the experience, so you will always feel in a live event wherever you are.


  • Can submit the question via text
  • Can participate in live polls
  • Good for lecturer and seminar


  • Less instruction to set up

9. PowerMic Mobile

PowerMic Mobile

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It is another best microphone app in the medicine world. It gives freedom to the clinicians to dictate, edit, and navigate the EHR through their phone via wireless microphone. The app is so flexible so the users can keep mobile and consistent in capturing documentation, whether in the clinic, hospital or at home. This app is helpful to show clinicians’ work performance and dedication.

There is no difference whether you operate the app on iOS or Android. The developer prepared the same experience and easiness, such as controlling audio capture, navigating templates, and effortlessly editing and reviewing documents. Moreover, this app is also supported by various technologies, like VMWare, Cisco Meraki, MobileIron, Sophos, and other MDM solutions.


  • A flexible app for clinicians
  • Easy to use, secure, and pair instantly
  • Can catch documentation recorded from home


  • Less manual instruction
  • Need payment for an upgraded version
  • The buttons are not customizable as the user’s need

Those are our recommendations for the best microphone app in iOS and Android. If you think you haven’t needed this app yet, just make sure don’t lose this information. We believe that one day you have to turn your phone into a microphone. Just try one by one and meet your preference to give the right convenience.


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