10 Best Golf Apps and Games for Android & iOS

Best Golf Apps and Games

Nowadays, many people in the world start loving the sport as an activity to refresh their mind or as a hobby. When the summer has come, golf is one of the best sports to do. You can do some fun things while playing golf, but hitting the course and joining the clubs will be better. You can still play golf without worrying about the weather using a lot of the best golf apps on your phone.

Playing a game should be the best way to kill boredom in your hectic day. Even playing on a smartphone will not be as good as the real one, it is still interesting to do. There are a lot of options available on Android or iOS but only a few good ones. We have gathered some best golf apps and games here that can ease you to choose a good one. Here we go!

Best Golf Games for Android & iOS

While the weather is still warm, our local golf course and friends are calling out to visit and play. Many people outside there understand that golf is one of the most expensive sports to do. Some people outside there also sometimes did not have enough money and time to play as they like. Many good apps on a smartphone are one perfect thing to do.

1. Desert Golf

Desert Golf

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If you are interested to play golf in arcade mode, then Desert Golf is one of the perfect games for you. This app is so simple using only 8-bit graphics, supports you to play offline mode, and so many more. You just need to hit the ball into a hall that is available there over and over again. It could be very refreshing when you have a hectic day at work.

However, this game is not free and you should purchase it first before starting to play it. There no advertising will exist in this application so you will be comfortable while playing. Moreover, this game is available both in Apple or Google Play Store.

2. Flick Golf Extreme

Flick Golf Extreme

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This is another popular arcade golf you can play on Android and it is part of the Flick Golf series. Flick Golf Extreme is available in Google or Apple Play store. This game has gameplay like other arcade golf games with a similar establishment but it is still interesting to play. You only need to click your finger, hit the ball, and try to make it enter the hole.

However, the quickness of your flick will determine how powerful you hit the ball is. It is also linked with how far your ball will fly. This game has decent graphics, unique maps, and also leaderboards that can make you feel happy. Sadly, some bugs may appear while you play this game but it is rarely happening. Same as before, you need to buy this game for $2.99 first.

3. Golf Battle

Golf Battle

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If you want to play the best golf apps without spending any costs, then this game is perfect for you. Golf Battle has features six versus six online PvP that can make you compete with other players. You can also play one vs one PvP, play with computers with plenty of levels, and also tons of unlockable content.

There is also a classic mode where you play solo without the need to compete with others. You can choose a lot of clubs there. Above all, the wind speeds on the game will affect your balls like the real one. It is very entertaining as one freemium game. Don’t take this game seriously, just enjoy the arcade mode and then quit whenever it is not fun anymore.

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4. Golf Clash

Golf Clash

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If you are interested in playing a popular golf game on Android, then you probably should try this one. Golf Clash is like an arcade game where you fight with others to get a higher score. Flick your finger to hit the ball and adjust the time you flick it with the distance you want to reach. This application has an aiming mechanism so you need to improve your control skills.

Golf Clash will serve you with a lot of features including PvP matches, in-game chats, weekly events, and so many more. This app also has different weather conditions that can affect the gameplay. However, you can download this game for free but this one has several occasional issues. Make sure you play this game only when you are bored so you will not be addicted because it is very fun.

5. Golf Master 3D

Golf Master 3D

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This is an online golf game that can make you face other players from the entire world. However, Golf Master 3D is a decent free to play golf game on your smartphone device. You can play the multiplayer mode and then compete with others in real-time. One of the best things about this game is a graphic where it is awesome for the free game.

There are available some features like power-ups that can make your game more interesting and also periodic tournaments. You can get different prizes from the tournament mode. We can say that this is the perfect time killer game for all golf fans in the world.

Best Golf Apps for Android & iOS

If you are still not interested in playing golf games, then keep playing casual golf. Playing golf sometimes can be so easy but still so difficult to master. This day, the technology has been improved well to support you in playing casual golf. Some best golf apps can be free but some of them are paid and you only need to compare to your needs.

1. Golfshot


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Golfshot is one of the best golf apps that can give you a good game no matter if you are a serious golfer or not. This application is available both in Android or iOS so you can easily download it with your phone. You can play this game for free or enjoy the Pro features with some money.

In the free version, you should use GPS for personal improvement. It is important to track each shot you hit while playing on the course and which club you were using. This application can also count the distance to the center. You don’t need any paper to write down your stats and score. Moreover, if you are interested in checking the golf news, this app will give it to you.

Different from the free features, Pro membership will give you more awesome features. This app will automatically give real-time distances to all hazards on more than 40,000 courses in the world. You can also choose some club recommendations based on your needs here. Moreover, Pro membership will serve you with some games, leaderboards, and others.

2. Hole 19

Hole 19

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Another best golf app is this Hole 19. This application is available both for Android and iOS and provides many good features for free. Hole 19 is one kind of application that has a wide range of golf GPS for free or partially free. You can upgrade it using some money to Premium one for further functions.

You can view your distance from the center, back, or front of a lot of courses. This app offers you a bird’s eye satellite image so you will receive the real pictures from above. It is not the cartoonish rendering, so you can see doglegs, hazards, or anything else on your course. We have a limited viewing distance while playing golf and this app can help you with it.

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Hole 19 also will serve you with a great scorecard function that makes you look more professional and fun. You can share your games on social media without the need to write it again using this app. This app can be very helpful to your game with many simple features.

3. GolfLogix


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If other best golf apps only focus to help you onto the green one, this app takes it further. GolfLogix offers a feature that makes you can see the green as you want, just like in a video game. The 3D map and topographical technology, you can see the different green things there whether grass or trees.

GolfLogix comes with the most downloaded golf apps ever because it features. There is more than 8,000 golf course information available in this app. Equipped with fairway features of other GPS apps, this application is available both in Apple or Google Play Store. You can simply click the location of your ball and then drag it to the place where you want to hit it.

The best thing about this app is the close-up and accurate map of the green that was created using laser scanners. If you zoom the 3D map, you can also see the contours of the green with more detail. Try this app for a free trial at the start and if you feel comfortable, continue with the subscription. This app will give you some shocking features that you didn’t even know existed.

4. Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

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Another golf app simply uses the proxy on your phone to track your location and track the shots. Did you know that there is available technology outside the device to improve accuracy? Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer will use individual sensors available on each club. As a result, your hitting can be defined more good rather than using a GPS.

Zepp Analyzer has attached the sensors at the end of any golf club and then uses it. The sensors use the technology the same as GPS technology to track your golf balls and then analyze it. It can give you a perfect sheet of your weakness and also how your performance is during the day. You can set up the technology as you want to use the data.

To be honest, this app works simply only to record and then deliver the result to your phone in real-time. This application can record the video of your swing, total stroke, swing speed, tempo, attack angle, and more. You also will be able to save the record or share it with your social network for further evaluation. This app was only available on Android.

5. Golf GPS Rangefinder

Golf GPS Rangefinder

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If you are searching for the best golf app that will give you a lot of features for free, this is the answer. You can download Golf GPS Rangefinder on your Apple or Android device. This application has plenty of useful features that can support you while playing golf.

One of the best things about this application is you can see the map on your golf area. You can also determine the distance of your position and the hole in front of you. Moreover, you can record the scoring of up to four golfers in case you play it with your friends. You can also see the flyover views and also the track of the shots here.

There are available extra features on this app that work with a smartwatch but for $19.99. You can keep some information about the penalties, putts, and the distance you’ve walked while golfing. 

So these are some of the best golf apps that you can install on your phone. When the winter has come, you better play a golf game on your phone rather than the classic one. But if you play classic golf, some apps above might be important for you!

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