15 Best Gallery Apps for Android and iOS

Best Gallery Apps

Smartphones have their gallery app installed on the device. But, some people usually need another gallery app to touch up their photo collection. The best gallery app comes up with the capability to automatically gather photos, story creators, security features, and other interesting features.

Why do We Need a Gallery App?

Basically, every smartphone has a dedicated installed gallery app. It traditionally functions as a photo album, manager, and sometimes editor. But, people tend to have something more unique and different when it comes to photo collection. So, this is why we need another gallery app. To be stand out.

Additionally, photo collection is related to storage. The installed gallery app on the smartphone may take up space in the storage. Some of the best gallery apps offer a sync service and backup on a cloud basis. You can store more photos than you can do on your traditional gallery app.

Moreover, a third-party gallery app also offers an organizer function. It eases users from sorting, creating album covers, pins, and also gathering clutter. The last one is badly needed because most of us seldom get a cluttered picture from our messaging app.

The next reason why we need to install a gallery app is that it’s editor function. Some best gallery apps come up with an amazing photo editor feature. Most importantly it linked to social media. So once we’re done with editing, we can upload it to our social media directly.

Lastly, is because we all need a second opinion. It is our nature that we don’t get satisfied with only one option, we always need an alternative. A third-party gallery app can give you another thing that your traditional gallery app can’t.

Best Gallery App to Better Manage Photo Collection

There are tons of gallery apps and it may overwhelm you. Don’t worry because we have selected 10 best gallery apps you should have on your smartphone. Check this bellow list for your reference:

1. Google Photos

Google Photos

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First, because it is free. Secondly, Google Photos provide the user with unlimited storage. Users may store pictures and videos as much as they want. Also, it has a movie maker feature that allows users to enjoy a compilation of their moments. It also functions as a photo album maker based on location, person, and dates.

Moreover, you can use Google Photos as an image-sharing tool as well as a picture editor. Since its launch in 2015, Google Photos integrated the best features from Picasa and Google+. Google Photos available for Android and iOS.

2. 1Gallery


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1Gallery is one of the latest gallery apps you can install on your smartphone. This app is more like a mix of traditional gallery app and gallery vault. Users can view photos based on date and in a grid view. Moreover, this app allows you to hide photos or videos with a pin, fingerprint, and pattern lock.

Don’t worry about privacy, because your hidden pictures and videos are encrypted. In a smaller feature, it allows users to edit pictures and has a light or dark theme. This is considered as one of the best gallery apps because it is free, easy to use, decent, and simple.

3. A+ Gallery

A+ Gallery

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If you look for a simple gallery app, the A+ Gallery is the one. The user allows doing regular things such as managing pictures, creating albums, as well as photo sharing. Moreover, this app also supports Amazon Cloud, Facebook, and Dropbox. So, the user may view their cloud picture in a single gallery app.

A+ Gallery also has a vault feature that allows users to store their private pictures. It has a user-friendly solid design so doesn’t need a pro to operate it. Users can have this app for free or go pro by buying it in-app purchases.

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4. Focus Go

Focus Go

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The next best gallery app is Focus Go. It is a simple yet lightweight app. It is said to be the lighter version of the famous Focus Gallery established by Fransisco Franco. Photo sharing becomes much easier in this app. All you have to do is open the app, go to the open files, and then share it. As simple as that.

If you want a better image quality, this app has an optional 32-bit encoder and also some customization options. Go check out on your Google App and download this app. Somehow, it might have a massive update dropped.

5. PhotoMap


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Try to install PhotoMap for a unique experience of managing pictures. The reason why PhotoMap is one of the best gallery apps is because it also functions as GPS based on a picture. It is because this app allows you to take and save pictures based on location.

Additionally, the user can go to the place where the photo was taken by a map. Wonderful isn’t it? It is fun because instantly you have GPS and picture manager at the same time in the same app. It is available in the free version or goes pro in app-purchase. More importantly, it has an AR feature for more fun experience.

6. Simple Gallery Pro

Simple Gallery Pro

Download for Android

If you want something simple, then Simple Gallery Pro is something you should have. No permission is needed to go online with this app. It also provides quick access for picture and video search as well as support 32 languages.

This gallery app also provides users with a recycle bin to restore lost pictures. For security, Simple Gallery Pro provides the user with fingerprint unlock. Fortunately, it is a free app but if you want to go pro you can buy it only for less than 1 USD. Meanwhile, updates only available for the pro version.

7. Piktures


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Even though it is a simple gallery app doesn’t mean it is less interesting. It also has some features to excite you such as sorting pictures based on location and dates. Moreover, this app also allows users to hide the album for your privacy. Somehow, you will see it best on a wider screen.

Additionally, it has a GIF maker and available to access all your cloud drives such as Dropbox, One Drive, and Google Drive. Piktures also come with a built-in editor to touch up your picture collection. Once you get used to it, it is so delightful to have this app installed on your smartphone.

8. Memoria Photo Gallery

Memoria Photo Gallery

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The next best gallery app is Memoria Photo Gallery. It has a user-friendly customization option as well as a smooth performance. It also has security features. Users may hide pictures they don’t want someone else to see and also have fingerprint authentication.

Besides, this gallery app is completed with themes, various view modes, and encrypted vault. But, somehow it still contains bugs that make this app feel slower. But, once it is fixed, it works really well. It is available in the free version and pro-in-app purchase.

9. Gallery Vault

Gallery Vault

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Yes, it is literally a vault for your pictures. No prying eyes can take a peek of them. Users may have a private vault for their pictures and video collection. Moreover, users can also hide the icon. No one can open it but you.

The best part is if it gets a break-in, you will be alerted. It also supported fingerprint enabled service but only for Samsung devices. Try this app for free, explore the features, and then go pro by buying it in-app purchase.

10. F-Stop Gallery

F-Stop Gallery

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F-Stop Gallery is completed with various themes that allows users to beautify their gallery look. Besides, it comes up with a smart album feature that automatically populates the album. F-Stop Gallery also plays GIFs that make this app way more fun.

F-Stop Gallery offers a user-friendly cleaner design. You can easily search for pictures based on metadata as well as tagging pictures for a better organizer. This gallery app is best for you who like to stand out. Surely, you have to go pro if you want to unlock all features. But if you want to use it in the free version, then it is still fair enough.

11. Gallery Go

Gallery Go

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Gallery Go is a simple gallery app you can try if you get bored with a sophisticated gallery app. If you prefer your photos stored on the phone and want to save data, then this is the app you should have. Some people don’t want their faces on pictures to be stored in the cloud because of security and algorithms reasons.

Gallery Go also works in offline mode which is suitable for users who prefer the data saver app. Besides, this gallery app comes with an auto organize feature. You don’t need to fuzz about organizing pictures or content into categories. It also has editing tools to beautify pictures collection.

12. Gallery Best and Ad Free

Gallery Best and Ad Free

Download for Android

This app has a similar face and feature to Gallery Go. It’s sleek interface becomes more interesting because it is free of ads. Moreover, you can use this app in offline mode. The gallery comes up with college makers and also face recognition. If you are looking for something sleek and simple, you should try this one.

13. Camera Roll

Camera Roll

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If you are familiar with QuickPic, then Camera Roll also offers something similar. It also enhances a straightforward interface. Camera roll is a fast gallery app and offers some advanced features. Users may enjoy experience such as creating an album by combining multiple directions into a single album.

Camera Roll also has a hidden folder feature but it seems less reliable. Users still need to manually force it when they want to check at launch. The impact is a slow loading process. However, if you need a gallery app as an alternative to replace your gallery stock, then you should try this app.

14. Slidebox


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Slidebox is a multifunctional app because it’s a gallery app as well as an organizer. It has a user-friendly screen and also a simple view as well as a full-screen mode viewer. Slidebox also comes up with an editor feature so that users may use it to collage or edit their photo collection.

This app helps users find duplicate pictures and videos so easily and throw them away. Besides, Slidebox completes its feature with sorting features by types. This app also integrated well with other apps. So, if you want something simple and fast for a gallery app, you should install this one.

15. Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos

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Amazon always goes further. This gallery app offers you something unique that other apps don’t. It has some features you will not find in other similar apps. For example, an auto-sync feature. So you don’t need to manually transfer photos from the device to the app.,

When you buy this app, you will be able to share a memory with the other 5 members by contributing to your album. Also, this app is so easy when it comes to photo sharing. Users may gather pictures they want in a single place. Another important feature is that the user may access this app from all of their devices.

Well, the best gallery app is about preferences. Some users want anything sophisticated. Yet, some just want a simple interface gallery app. So, hopefully, the above list will help you decide which one is suitable for you.


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