10 Best DJ Apps for Android and iOS

Best DJ Apps for Android and iOS

When people hear the word DJ, most people will think of a round flat screen they usually see in clubs. However, did you know that you can have a complete DJ set just from your phone? Buying a real DJ set can be expensive and hard to learn. Rather than buying a real DJ, why not download some of the best DJ apps on your phone. This way, you can learn and create your fun music while partying in your room. 

There are many kinds of DJ apps available on both Android and iOS. With these apps, people can experiment their mixes of rhythm and noises to become music. Some of the apps, even let the users save it so they can use it for house parties or wedding reception. 

Best DJ Apps for Android and iOS

So, if you enjoy DJ-ing and song-making, download the best DJ apps for your phone. Here are some of the recommendation you should check out:

1. Edjing Mix – Free Music DJ App

Edjing Mix - Free Music DJ App

Download for Android   Download for iOS

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in DJ, you can all use the Edjing mix app to start mixing up. The app offers complete DJ sets that can be used for both beginners and experts. For a start, you can use the basic version to learn the functions of each set. 

When you start learning and become more expert than you can start upgrading it to the premium version. In this version, you can get many kinds of songs and tracks to mix. You can get them from downloading the songs to using the streaming service such as Soundcloud and Deezer. 

The app also has various effects and tools that can make your recording even more fun and professional. With a set that feels like a real DJ set, no wonder many professionals also use this app for their work. 


  • Partnership with professional DJ
  • Feels like a real DJ set
  • Offers unlimited creative songs & tracks


  • Limited tracks for a free version
  • Many ads in the free version
  • Upgrade only available for the premium version

2. Cross DJ Free

Cross DJ Free

Download for Android   Download for iOS

One of the best DJ apps that you should surely download is the Cross DJ Free. This is an app that is created by the veteran of digital DJing, Mixvibes. So, you can ensure that this app is completed and a great use for those who need a complete set of DJ features. 

You can start mixing and making your rhythm using local music collections or using streaming songs from SoundCloud. There is also an automatic option that you can choose when you want to take a break. Once you finish recording you can share them on your social media. And don’t worry, the results are clean with good quality. 

However, this app is not recommended for beginners as it is a bit complicated to understand. People should learn the use of each tool first before buying them on the app. This app offers options for buying the DJ tools but can separately upgrade it to the pro version too. 


  • Fast performance
  • Great quality results
  • Simple but great for professionals


  • Cue points not friendly
  • Not recommended for beginners
  • Recording feature not for free

3. Music Maker JAM

Music Maker JAM

Download for Android   Download for iOS

If you are looking for one of the best DJ apps for beginners is Music Maker Jam. This is one of the most downloaded apps in both Android and iOS because it is easy, simple, and fun to use. It has complete features that make it feel just like a real traditional DJ set. Therefore, you can start creating beats, recording, and partying with the beat. 

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Even though it is great for DJing, the app can also be used for compositing normal songs too. So, if you want to create other beats than DJing, you should surely download this app. However, to enjoy all the features, make sure to download the pro-version. This will also prevent you from errors and other constraints through the process. 


  • Complete functions like a real DJ set
  • Can compose other songs
  • Can record songs


  • Often Error
  • Advanced features available for the pro version
  • The free version often gets deleted

4. djay – DJ app & Al Mixer

djay - DJ app & Al Mixer

Download for Android   Download for iOS

Make yourself a DJ professional by downloading djay2 on your phone. With this best DJ app, you can mix songs and make them more beating or more interesting than the original. The features on the pro version are complete and it is very easy to understand. 

Thus, the app offers a wide song option to mix, starting from downloading songs, to the songs on Spotify. Yes, the app is working together with Spotify, giving integration functions so you can have many songs to choose from. 

Another great thing about this app is you can record your songs and save them on your phone. So, once you have a real party, you can just download the song or play it on from your phone. 


  • Many songs to mix
  • Has complete DJ functions
  • Integrated with Spotify


  • Limited features for the basic version
  • Heavy for some phones

5. DJ Mix Pads 2

DJ Mix Pads 2

Download for Android   Download for iOS

For beginners who just want an easy DJ set, where you can just mix beats in songs, then download DJ mix 2. This is one of the best DJ apps to download for amateurs because it is easy to play and understand. Even small kids can pretend to be a world-class DJ with DJ Mix pads 2. 

The first thing you can do with this app is mixing beats into existing songs. There aren’t many songs you can choose; however, they are ok for a start. Or you can also create new sounds on this app and share it with a DJ community. 

A great thing about this app, even though it is for beginners, they have a connection to a DJ community. Even though your songs can’t be downloaded, you can easily share them with other people to hear. And they can even comment and give feedback to your songs. 


  • Great for beginners
  • Connects with DJ community
  • Easy & simple to use


  • Basic Set
  • Not recommended for professionals
  • Results of fair quality

6. WeDJ


Download for Android   Download for iOS

Start partying in the house with the best DJ app that is made by Pioneer DJ. This company understands what people want and they have created it in WeDJ. In this app, people can start creating their new beats, whether it is original songs or existing songs. Once you are finished, you can store them on your phone and share it with other people to hear. 

The app also has a 2-channel layout and pre-cueing feature that you can enjoy. With this feature, you can play two different tracks at once and check the master outputs too. Then with the crossfader, adjust the volume balance between the songs. Therefore, you can get the best mixture song you like.

To make you feel like a real DJ, the app also has a jog wheel that you can use. By touching the jog wheel on the screen, you can control the tracks that you have made. 

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  • Advance features
  • Share songs to others
  • Support many songs formats


  • Sometimes Lagging
  • Difficult to understand
  • Often crash & error

7. DJ Player Professional

DJ Player Professional

Download for iOS

For professional users that need an app to help their work should surely download DJPlayer Professional. Just like the name, the app is designed for pro-level experienced people who need to make new beats by mobile. Therefore, despite where they are, they can create their beats, control it, and save it until they enter their studio.

One of the great things about this app is it has complete features just like a real DJ set. It has MIDI technology, manual beat-matching, and even a tempo adjuster. It can also sync to your Dropbox and Deezer if you have any songs or records in it. 

Another benefit of DJ Player is it can connect to an external device like a USB cable. With this connection, you can play up to 16 tracks at the same time using 4 different decks. Therefore, you can get unique music just from your phone. 


  • Advance Features
  • Great for professional users
  • Can connect with a USB cable


  • Not recommended for beginners
  • Bit expensive

8. GarageBand


Download for iOS

For those who want something simple but also want to do some DJ activity, should try GarageBand. This app is a bit traditional compared to the other apps. However, you can still create tracks and music even with no internet connections. You can choose between 32 free tracks available and mix it up with other beats. 

Once you are done recording, you can loop your creation by live performances so other people can see. They can even give feedback on your songs, so you can improve them on forwards. 

Overall, this app is very simple to use because it also has simple features. This is not the best DJ app, especially for DJ professionals. However, it is enough to make people happy and try remixing songs like a real DJ.


  • Free to use
  • Can work online & offline
  • Free tracks for recording


  • Limited features
  • Limited songs

9. Pacemaker


Download for iOS

If you are a beginner and you seriously want to learn how to DJ, then try out Pacemaker. Just like its name, the app is made to create pace in songs and tunes. This is the best DJ app for beginners because it has a great balance between simple and advanced features. 

The app comes with many features such as audio FX, reverb, and echo that you can control. Therefore, when you start recording a song, the results will be clean and high quality. 


  • Integrate to iTunes & Spotify Apps
  • Has simple & heavy deck
  • Compatible for iPhone and iPad


  • Error occurring
  • Expensive

10. DiscDJ 3D Music Player

DiscDJ 3D Music Player

Download for iOS

Pretend to be a real DJ using the DiscDJ 3D Music Player that you can download on your phone. The application has a 3D DJ set that you control and play around. Even though it is not real, you can learn the real functions of each part on the DJ set. Therefore, when you learn them all, you can buy a real DJ set. 

Even though this app seems like a game, the app can still make songs and tunes. However, you won’t be able to copy or record the songs to other people too. 


  • Fun app to play
  • Basic Features of DJ
  • Easy to use & understand


  • Not like real DJ
  • Rare update

There you are, the best DJ app that will add your experience in DJing. So, whether you are a professional DJ or a beginner, download one of these apps to help you. Choose the ones according to your needs and upgrade them to get the best features. 

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