9 Best Beekeeping Apps for Android and iOS

Best Beekeeping Apps

We should thank the technology that makes our life easier and simpler. Moreover, when you are maintaining bee colonies and hiving, you need something to support in tracking the progress. Even though the traditional way still works in these modern days, combining with the latest tech approach would make a better result. That is what the best beekeeping app does for you.

Since there were many beekeeping apps available on the Play Store and App Store, you definitely need references to own the best one. Thus, we are here giving you the list of 9 best beekeeping apps for Android and iOS. Besides tracking your progress, these apps are very useful to keep the hives healthy, active, and productive. Because that’s all you need to reach a good result in harvesting honey.

Best Beekeeping Apps for Android and iOS

Using the best beekeeping app is one of the secrets of successful beekeepers. Don’t worry about the extra cost. Many of them are free to use without a monthly subscription fee. But, of course, if you want to advance features, you need to spend a little budget. However, the money you spend is worth it, knowing that the app will be your guide to build a colony from the ground up. To find out more things about the app, see the points below:

1. HiveTracks


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Started from the web-based model, now the developer of HiveTracks offers you to use the app on Android and iOS. It allows you to track the bee colonies and hives as you want, whether in daily and weekly. We put this app as the first of the best beekeeping apps because it doesn’t require much storage. Compared to the other similar apps, this one comes with 1.8MB for Android and 31.4MB for iOS.

The app is free, but if you want an extra function, you need to buy a monthly subscription. You can manage how many hives you have and start to be serious about commercial plans. The app provides up to 8,000 amounts of hives data. Now, you know that there is nothing easier to manage the hives and the bees than using HiveTracks by HiveTracks & Appiarium LLC.


  • Daily and weekly monitor system
  • Extra features: reminders for inspection
  • Foraging maps and able to share data
  • No need much phone storage


  • Need an upgrade to get more functions
  • Slow load and sometimes crashed
  • Not as good as the web-based version

2. HiveKeepers for Beekeepers

HiveKeepers for Beekeepers

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For those who want to access and make beekeeping anywhere they are, then this app is the answer. HiveKeepers make beekeeping simpler than you have imagined before. It helps you to protect your bees, track their health, and keep a great record of the well-being of your hives. One unique feature from this app is you are able to update the record using photographs. This is what makes us recommend you as one of the best beekeeping apps to use.

Have mentioned the way it manages your data? Well, HiveKeepers will help you to analyze the record too. So, when you are having a big record, then this app gives you more advantages through visual representation, detailed inspection information until the report of your success. After that, you are free to share the result via your social media account.


  • Has been popular among the hobbyists and commercial beekeepers
  • Provides separate information among apiaries, hives, and frames to manage data easier
  • Provides many detail information, like queen’s productivity, brooding pattern, diseases, and level of production
  • Can record using a photograph
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  • Sometimes login or register problem occurs

3. American Bee Journal

American Bee Journal

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This one is slightly different than the other apps. When you are using the American Bee Journal app, your knowledge will be upgraded. This app enriches your bank of information about the bee, hives, and apiary. All things inside are easy to understand so it suits those who are just beginning or doing their business. Anytime you need to access bee information, just open this app.

Besides having a range of bee information, the app also allows you to ask anything. It has sections to answer your questions, so you won’t lose direction in beekeeping. Lots of articles will enlarge your references. Those materials come from professionals, experienced people, and other sources. So, how come we cannot say that it is one of the best beekeeping apps you should try?


  • Gives the users more knowledge information (the do’s and don’ts)
  • Quick access to bank information
  • Easy to use for beginners and professionals


  • The users must subscribe to get further information
  • Slow to load

4. HiveSmartHQ


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This app is extremely a great app for every beekeeper, especially when you are running a business. You will get details from every activity, starting from the bee colony until the sale of honey and hives (if you sell them). Inside the app, there is a location tracking, so you can know the condition of each hive, queen, and health over time.

Besides location mapping, the other features include equipment inventory, knowledgebase, seasonal checklist, and action items (your “to do” list). For the upgraded version, the calendar can be used as a reminder tool too. One more thing that makes this app is amazing, you can set specific requirements and levels of details that suit your condition.


  • Great for a business need
  • Affordable price to pay for updates
  • No need the internet connection to run the app
  • The interface can be customized


  • No exit button in several device types

5. OSBeehives – Digital Beekeeping Toolkit

OSBeehives - Digital Beekeeping Toolkit

Download for Android   Download for iOS

If you are looking for a real hi-tech app for beekeeping, then OSBeehives is the app you should choose. This one lets you record about your bee colonies and hives using audio, pictures, and your own voice annotations. Then, the app will transcribe that information into the text. All past entry and historical data will be saved until it reaches a unique timeline based on the app.

To get a real-time report, you should connect the app to the BuzzBox hardware. Then, wherever you are, you will get the updates. The BuzzBox helps you to record the sound of your hive, informing you about the internal and external hive temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. Do you want some more? You will also get the wind information, such as direction, speed, and weather. Those that make this app become our favorite as the best beekeeping app.


  • Can be used as a journal and sensor data
  • Easy to use interface
  • Multimedia features: audio, pictures, and voice annotations
  • Gives health analysis through a microphone and AI tools


  • Not really beginner user friendly

6. Bee Health

Bee Health

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This app is developed based on scientific knowledge, so all information you get is valid and no need for hesitation. Especially to detect the bee disease and pests, diagnose, until to treat them. Thus, this app is able to improve your bee health and enhance safe operation. You can quickly decide what to do once things happen to the apiary.

Luckily, you can get this app for free. The developer really focuses on how people get a better understanding of the challenges they possibly face. Moreover, when you are a newbie, you really need this app for further steps.

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  • Good for beginners
  • Easy to use
  • Provides information about bee disease and how to treat them


  • Lack of information for business need or professionals

7. Beetight


Download for Android   Download for iOS

Make your smartphone more powerful by having this app. You are able to access data instantly through one click. This app helps you to record inspection data and gives you a report in detail. So, wherever you are, you can get the data from your pocket. No need to think about the Internet connection because it can run without Wi-Fi.

The reason why it becomes one of the best beekeeping apps is because the user can use both their phone and computer. Even though sometimes its user gets a problem in syncing the data, if you try the upgraded version, you will enjoy smoother access. The Beetight Pro version allows you to have unlimited access from all platforms. It is a future of hive recording that every beekeeper needs to have.


  • Quick and easy to record inspection
  • Able to upload photos
  • Scan hive barcodes for fast access


  • Sometimes the data between the app and web version is not sync

8. BeeScanning


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Just like the name, BeeScanning really helps you to diagnose your bee health. By using your smartphone, you can find the bees whether in a good condition or something that needs to be done. Use your camera, take a picture, then get an analysis. Once you connect to the server, you can get deep learning. After that, you can use the result for the treatment needed.

This app is recommended as one of the best beekeeping apps. It is not seen only from the features and technology inside, but also the team is really supportive. When you get an issue, just say the problem and you can get the fix directly. No need to waste time waiting for the answer. Many reviews thank the responsive attitude from this developer.


  • Always updated step by step
  • Include GPS information inside the image
  • Various safety login ways
  • The users can scan and capture image instantly


  • If the connection lost, the user needs to recapture and reupload the image
  • Sometimes signing up through SMS code has an issue

9. InspectNext


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Do you want to have full control of your apiary and hive? Then, you better choose InspectNext app from Anthony Drury (Honey Tech). This app is easy to use in order to get a result day by day. There are three indicators that will warn you what to do, which are optimal conditions, viable conditions, and inadvisable conditions. Decide which condition is optimal or not, then you can do your own setting at the time.

InspectNext becomes our choice as the best beekeeping app because it allows the user to adjust for more rain or wind. Also, if you want a precise condition, just adjust the temperature range too. Probably, you think there are too many settings inside. But it is not that complicated. The app is very simple, even though you are a beginner, you can quickly adjust the interface.


  • Easy to use and straight forward information
  • Complete data and situation analysis
  • Customizable control


  • Keep in developed by the team to fix bug errors

Now, technology is available to help you collect data, gather information, get analysis, and keep the historical data. Maximize your smartphone to make your work easier and more effective. Choose one of the best beekeeping apps above. There is no better idea than combining traditional and modern ways to achieve the best result.

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